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Kenmar is a family company, owned by Ken and his three sons Dave, Gerrit and Curtis. We are located in Burgessville, which is centrally located in the agricultural and industrial community of southwestern Ontario. Ken has worked in the construction sector for 41 years and brings his vast knowledge to the business. 

Kenmar uses a hands-on approach to meeting our customer's needs and expectations. Honesty is key, providing our customers with confidence and security.

We utilize a team approach to continually improve the policies, procedures, and techniques required to meet or exceed our customer’s expectations. 


We continually strive to provide quality service, on time and at a competitive price.

First Forms.jpg

Photo of our first forms in 2000.


Kenmar was built on integrity, hard work and a handshake.


Ken was employed in the agricultural/residential construction sector for 21 years when Martin joined him to work together. Both of them had a background in farming and experience in agriculture. They formed a fast friendship and worked along side each other like brothers. They often joked about starting a concrete forming company, and soon realized that they were both serious. In 2000 Kenmar Concrete Forming Inc was established on a handshake.


To be more distinct in a booming construction sector they decided to purchase aluminum form panels which would enable them to produce quality walls efficiently. After 18 successful years together, Martin retired amicably from the company to pursue a venture with his wife and children.

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