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Kenmar uses Aluminum forms allowing our experienced teams to quickly handle both standard and complex forming situations. We combine our industries knowledge, field experience and jobsite service to meet any formwork requirements. 

We do it with the right system and the right plan. We'll work to fully understand the scope of your project and provide the most efficient and effective formwork solution for your specific application. 

The hand set forms allow for the ability to produce a smooth, straight and level wall 

The aluminum concrete form is engineered for minimal deflection and pillow casing, it is ideal for commercial applications requiring the flattest possible wall surface. 


Concrete forming for the agricultural industry is a specialized area and Kenmar has the history and experience required to excel in the sector. 


Together with the proper reinforcement, concrete assists in controlling disease, odour and pests. It provides a modern cost-effective durable solution for all your farm needs. Such as manure storage, bunkers, dairy complexes as well as sandwich walls for hog facilities, chicken/egg producers, implement sheds, hay storage, concrete pads etc. 


For more information on the concrete services we can provide to your farm, call for a free estimate.


For many years our team has providing outstanding foundation services to the communities and businesses in Oxford county and the surrounding areas. 


We offer a range of concrete services and have demonstrated excellent workmanship. If you are building a new home or creating an addition onto your existing structure, it is important that you begin the project with a strong, professional foundation. Our experience and skill will create a solid and durable basement capable of supporting the house that rests upon it. 


Our residential services include: foundations, basement, garage and porch slabs, additions, shops and garage floors, and floating slabs.

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